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The App

The app crashes during a measurement.

When you see the image below, you don't have an internet connection. Make sure you are connected to the internet and try again. 


Why can't you choose which pants you are wearing but only shoes and shirts?

We know that the less you have to choose the easier you can do the measurement. We learned that the type of top-clothing and footwear are a sufficiently reliable indication of the weight correction that should be applied. 2020/08

When I do a measurement, I see the same screen for a couple of seconds. Is this normal?

When you do a measurement you see a screen that looks the same but it is different. Look below at these pictures. They look the same but they have a different text on top. The app is processing your measurement. 2020/08

Is the Sinque app available for iOS ?

Yes! Just go to the following link to download the app. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/sinque/id1451047920 10/2020

Is the Sinque app available for Android ?

Yes! Just go to the following link to download the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nl.woa&hl=en 10/2020

Can I get Push notifications within the App ?

Push notifcations are available from Sinque version 3.0 10/2020

I stepped on the scale but it seems to freeze

In our app, one screen isn't perfect. It shows up when you step on the scale and start a new measurement. The solution is to step of- and on the scale again. 10/2020

The app says 'Use Sinque 4 days a week'. Can I use it more than 4 times a week?

Yes of course! The more measurements you complete the better to get a reliable weighttrend. You can measure yourself as much as you like but at least 4 times a week. 10/2020

I forgot my password. Can I reset my password and make a new one?

If you forgot your password you can ask for a new one. Click on log in if you open the app and click on forgot password. Fill in you email address and an email wil be send where you can reset your password. 10/2020

I don't know my groupname. What should I do?

If your don't which group to join you can join the group "individual user (English)". Later you can pick your group via the settings screen. 10/2020

My phone broke. I can't weigh myself for the moment. Do I lose my weighing information?

The measurements you did were saved in your profile. As soon as you log in on another device with your account your measurements will be available. 10/2020

It seems my app crashes during a measurement. What do I have to do?

Make sure your bluetooth is turned on (On Android also your location needs to be enabled) and you have an internetconnection and try again. 10/2020

Can I change my password at all times?

Yes you can change your password easily in the settings screen. Choose a password that contains at least 6 characters. 10/2020

I reached my goal. Is it possible to change my goal?

Congratulations! Yes of course you can change your goal. Go to the settings screen (yellow button in the right top corner) and change your goal. Don't forget to save your settings. 10/2020

An internal error occured. What should I do?

That's annoying. Log out and log in again and repeat your actions. 10/2020

I haven' used the app for a long time. The dial is not visible anymore. Is this normal?

Yes this is normal. When you don't use the app for a long time, it has no measurements to predict your future weighttrend. This is why you can't see the dial. Perform a measurement and you can see the dial again. 10/2020

The Home Monitor

I use the Home Monitor with several people. Weighing does not work for everyone.

The Home Monitor can perfectly be used by more people. Weighing too fast in succession can give an error message. Allow at least 1 minute between the different weighings. 2020/08

I use the Home Monitor but it seems like it is not displaying my weight correctly.

The Home Monitor needs a solid surface and does not work properly when placed on carpets, for example. 2020/08

How do I use the Home Monitor?

Open the compartment on the back of your monitor and insert the batteries ( 4x AAA). Make sure you place them correctly. Switch on the bluetooth on your phone. Pairing with the monitor is not necessary. Make sure your monitor is on a hard surface. Now your monitor is ready to use! 2020/08

How can I do my first measurement?

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the blue button “new measurement” on top of the screen
  3. Step on the monitor and wait till the three red rings appear
  4. Click on “I’m on the monitor”
  5. Select what you are wearing today
  6. Confirm by clicking on “That’s me”
You’re measurement is completed! 2020/08

My measurement failed. I got the message "oops, someting went wrong there". What do I have to do?

Sometimes it looks like your measurement failed. In this case your measurement is saved but the app was unable to go bach at the dashboard. Log out and log in again to see your measurement under 'past progress'. 10/2020

Where can I buy the Home Monitor ?

You can buy our Home Monitor in our webshop via your Health provider. 10/2020

The Home Monitor seems a bit expensive. Can I get discount ?

The Home Monitor is an advanced device with very fast and reliable bluetooth. Health providers that work with Sinque can arrange a discount for you. 10/2020

I am 180 kilograms (or more) . Can I use the Home Monitor ?

Unfortunately no. Our current Home Monitor has a maximum load of 180 kilograms. 10/2020

I received the Home Monitor. Where do I start ?

The Home Monitor is delivered with a two page instruction. In case this isn't in your package please contact us. We will send it to you. 10/2020

I am using the Home Monitor. It is not working

The Home Monitor needs 4 AAA batteries. Please read the two page instruction to learn how to do this. In case adding batteries doesn't solve the problem, please contact us. We will help you. 10/2020

I am using the Home Monitor. It doesn't seem to show reliable numbers

The Home Monitor needs a solid underground. Please don't place it on a carpet or carpeting. In case this doesn't solve your problem please contact us. 10/2020

I performed a wrong measurement. Is it possible to remove this?

It is possible to remove a measurement. Go to "Past progress", click on the little x next to your measurement you want to delete. Confirm your deleting by clicking on Yes. Your measurment is deleted. 10/2020

My measurement failed. I got the message " Scale is not in range. Please try again!" How is this possible?

Make sure your bluetooth is connected and you have an internetconnection. Step on the scale after the three red squares appear. Only then the scale can complete a measurement. 10/2020

I did a measurement. Can I see the weight?

Yes you can see the weight if you want to. Go to "See past progress". There you can see your past measurements and their value. 10/2020

How long will it take to receive my Sinque monitor?

(for BENELUX) If you order before 21:00, you will receive the monitor the next day (except for the islands). 10/2020

I am not satisfied about the monitor. can i return it?

Yes. You can return it and get your money back. We would very much appreciate it to hear why you didn't like the product, so we can learn from it. please let us know! 10/2020

How can I return the monitor?

Send an e-mail to returns@sinque.co(?) with your request and you will receive a return-label. Put this label on top of the old label and hand it in at a DHL servicepoint in your neighbourhood. This is completely free. 10/2020

What are the shippingcosts ?

Shipping is free (to BENELUX) 10/2020

The monitor I received was damaged what should I do?

Send an e-mail to returns@sinque.co(?) with your request and you will receive a return-label. put this label on top of the old label and hand it in at a DHL servicepoint in your neighbourhood. This is completely free. 10/2020

The onboarding

What is the onboarding?

The first two weeks of using Sinque the weight trend isn’t shown. First Sinque learns your weight flucuations.


How many times do I need to step on the monitor during the onboarding ?

During onboarding it is important to step on the Home Monitor each day. More than once a day is even better. The more information Sinque collects, the better Sinque gets to know your weight trend and the better Sinque can predict your future weight trend.


Why is the onboarding important?

The purpose of the onboarding is to get to know your weight fluctations in order to more accurately determine your weight trend. 2020/08

Do I have to step every day on the monitor when I finished the onboarding process?

Yes, to get a correct weight trend prediction it's important to step on the monitor every day, even after the onboarding process. August 2020

I couldn't weight myself for a couple of days during the onboarding process? Do I have to start over again?

It is not necessary, just complete the onboarding. The Sinque dial may appear after two weeks because you have too few measurements. That's okay. More measurements are required. You can continue to do this and when there are enough measurements you will be able to see your weight trend. August 2020

When can I see my weight trend?

You can see your weight trend on day 15 providing there are sufficient weighings. When you open the app, the Sinque Dial will tell you if you will gain, lose or maintain weight. 2020/08

I finished the onboarding but I can't see my weight trend.

Sometimes there are insufficient measurements after the two weeks so that you cannot see your weight trend yet. That's okay. Some more measurements are needed. You can just do these more measurements. August 2020

I can't see the Sinque Dial. What am I doing wrong?

During the first 15 days onboarding there is not enough weight information to show the Sinque dial. Starting from dasy 15 the dial will be visible after enough measurements are done. 10/2020

Working with professional

Can I use Sinque stand-alone or do I need to work together with a health professional.

You can buy the Home Monitor and use Sinque stand-alone. Although we strongly recommend you to use Sinque together with a (Health) professional to avoid only achieving short term gains and to and achieve better and more durable results. 2020/08

Can my healthprofessional see my progress?

For your peace of mind :

Your health professional can't see your progress.Only after you signed a separate agreement your profess information will be shared with your Health professional.

Can my health professional see my personal information?

For your peace of mind : Your health professional cannot see your personal information. This is only possible if you have agreed this together in advance. 2020/08

Is there a list of professionals who work with Sinque?

Please contact us. 2020/08


What is Sinque  ?

Sinque is a stressfree sulution fort he monitoring of your health : Your weight.

Who are we ?

Supported by a senior and high performance team, Sinque was founded by a medical doctor Renato Romani to increase weight loss programs adherence and retantion. Learn more about the people who founded Sinque.

Please visit their website: www.easyway2health.com


Who has access to the information about my progress ?

Without your authorization no one has acces to the information regarding your progress. Health professionals can after you authorized them explicitly (A seperate agreement) recieve a report about your weight trend. 2020/08

Who can see my contact details ?

Your contact details are stored at a different location than your weight trend data. We treat your contact details with the greatest care. Find more infomation about this in our privacy statement at www.sinque.co/terms-conditions


In which countries is Sinque active

Sinque is active in Brazil, the USA, Great Britain, the Netherlands and Belgium. 10/2020

What are weight fluctuations ?

Your weight fluctuates over a day, a week and a month. Your physiology and so your weight reacts for example to diets and to exercise routines. 10/2020

How are they implemented in Sinque ?

Using our scales Sinque measures your weight on a regular base. With these weightdata collected, our solution based on the initial profile of the user tries to find the pattern within this weight trend using Artificial Intelligence. 10/2020

Why does Sinque need to know my weight fluctuations

Sinque has an artificial intelligence process that learns with your natural weight fluctuations' pattern to forecast your weigh range two weeks in the future. 10/2020

What is Sinque natural weekly weight range?

Sinque learns your natural weekly weight range using an artificial intelligent process by adding four weight measures in different days on the week. It needs two weeks of data to learn which is your real weekly weight range. Therefore, Sinque is able to compare the patterns of your weight fluctuation to forecast the behavior of you weight range two weeks in the future. 10/2020

What is my weight range trend?

Your weight range trend reveals if you will lose, maintain our gain weigt in the next two week. It shows which direction your weight range is developing at a certain moment in time maintaining your current lifestyle. 10/2020

What does my weight trend tell me?

Your weight trend tells you in wich direction your weight range will develop two weeks in the future. 10/2020

How is my weight range trend predicted?

Our algorithm uses the medical science and artificial intelligence to compare you weekly weight oscillation to forecast your weight range trend two wqeeks in the future. 10/2020

Why does it take so long to predict my future weight trend?

In order to predict your future weight trend our algorithm first Sinque algorithm needs to learn with your natural weight fluctuations. Therefore, Sinque needs two weeks with four weight measurements in different days to forecast your future weight range trend. 10/2020

Is it possible to use Sinque for free ?

Yes! You can use Sinque for free. You can buy on of our designed numberless weight monitors or use any scale to manually insert your weight in our app. Because every Sinque member below to a group, you can choose a group that could be INDIVIDUAL group in you language. 10/2020

Is it possible to use Sinque app without Sinque Home Monitor ?

Yes! Sinque also offer Scally™ to office buildings and other large traffic areas, and you can use it for free connecting with your app. Also, you can insert your numbers manually in our app. 10/2020

I experience problems while paying in the webshop. My bank is ING

Unfortunately payments via ING Bank combined with Ziggo Secure browsing doesn't work. This can be solved by using another browser for this specific payment. ING and Ziggo are working on this problem. 10/2020


What is a "For You" message?

You find the "For you" messages in the top left corner in the app. (The light bulb).
A "For you" message is displayed in case it is recieved while you are using the app. "For you" messages that you didn't receive while using the app will be sent twice a day by means of a push notification. 2020/08

Who sends these "For You" messages?

These messages are by Sinque or by the owner of the group you are a member of. This can be your health professional or for example someone that coordinates your company group. 2020/08

Are these "For You" messages only send to me?

For your peace of mind : "For You" messages cannot be sent to specific members. They are always directed to multiple people within the group or subgroup you are a member of. Messages from Sinque are usually directed to anyone who uses Sinque. 2020/08

Will I be notified every time a new message is available?

Life is already busy with social media, right ? In case you choose to keep our app closed we will only notify you twice a day that new "For you" messages are available even if more are sent. 2020/08

Can I delete "For You" messages?

You cannot delete a message. These messages have a start and end date that you can see them. When this end date is reached, the message will be automatically disappear. 2020/08